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Freelance translator since 1977


Submitting work

Please send any work you wish to submit to me to the following e-mail address:

My standard business conditions are as listed below - note that these will ALWAYS apply, unless specifically agreed otherwise in the PO, and accepted by me.

  • The work should be accompanied with a Purchase Order (PO), indication of source and target languages, target date, special instructions and any other information you may consider of use. Should I be available, I will explicitly acknowledge the purchase order. Should I not be available, I will notify you immediately and delete the documentation from my in-box, as to ensure the confidentiality of your work.

  • Payment shall be 30 days net, by means of transfer to a Spanish bank, though for amounts below 300 euros Paypal or Moneybookers is acceptable. Due to the costs involved, I cannot accept cheques, except if issued against a Spanish bank. Please check Payment.

  • My rates are published here. These rates do not include VAT, where applicable, and are based on the word count of the source text. I insist on the number of words being indicated in the PO for mutual benefit, but in case that this is not included, I count the source text with CompleteWordCount from Shauna Kelly (freeware). This is more reliable than Word or Trados, as these do not count for example things like grouped text boxes, or comments.

  • In those cases where the source words cannot be counted (e.g., hard copy, fax, PDF that cannot be converted to Word, etc.) the word count shall be of the target text using the same tool. This is to prevent unnecessary manual counting and inaccurate estimations on both sides. Alternatively, if so requested, I will make a formal quotation on the source text and, if accepted, this value will be binding to both parties.

  • I will in all cases acknowledge receipt and acceptance of a job, by means of an e-mail with my electronic signature. That is MY commitment accepting a PO.

  • On receipt, I will also confirm explicitly acceptance of conditions indicated in the PO if different from these business conditions.

  • I will also confirm the delivery date explicitly, and will always apply my commitment to excellence in case of delays or insufficient quality.

  • In case of dispute about quality I will ask for arbitration with a reputable translator or translator's site. In any case, I also provide a Willingness to work again scoring in my Proz page so that you can provide feedback on my work.

  • I will correct any potential mistake free of charge until I have been paid, after which I destroy all copies of the work unless otherwise instructed, in order to maintain the confidentiality of your work. Once this destruction has been carried out, I cannot and will not accept any claim, giving that I will no longer have access to my own records to check the validity of your claim.

  • Note that my work is reviewed by me several times during the translation process, so as to assure the highest quality. For important jobs, I also contract an external editor at no additional cost to you. Hence my commitment to excellence. As an individual, however, I cannot and will not accept any request for liabiities, indemnity or damages, neither direct, indirect or consecuential due an incorrect translation. This is specially true because all too often a text has to be translated without proper reference documentation, the language itself can be ambiguous, a sentence may mean different things depending on the context and this context may not always be clear, and a same word can have very different meanings in a different language, even within the same context. Thus, I explicitly limit any liability in the work I perform to the total of the actually paid amount, and explicitly reject any potential claim performed after I have destroyed the records due to the fact that I will no longer have the possibility to defend myself against potentially biased claims. The ONLY exception to this rule is that, should you expect a text to have a potential impact of this kind, this should be explicitly listed in the signed PO, and I will have to approve this requirement explicitly.

  • It may well be that the job you wish to submit exceeds usual e-mail capability or is highly confidential. If this is so, please notify me to that same e-mail and I will enable an FTP account for you free of charge, so that you are able to upload it into  a private area.

  • Should the translation you wish me to perform be outside my scope of knowledge, I will report this to you - I will never pretend to be capable of translating any text in any field.

  • Late payment: Please note that all late payments will have a 1% surcharge/month of delay.

For any other question, please contact me at:


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