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I apply two types of translation discounts: Preferred Customer discount and Repetitive Text discount.

Preferred Customer discount:

This discount is applied to all customers that provide me with a high volume of translation work. In response to their loyalty, I make a discount of 0.01 euros/word for every 50.000 words of source text they submit to me. This discount has the following characteristics:

  • It is accumulative (i.e., I count the total you have submitted, even over different jobs).
  • It is language independent (the total number of submitted words does not need to be in a same language, and the discount applies to all language pairs).
  • It applies to ALL jobs, starting with the one reaching the discount threshold (e.g., if your first job submission was 100.000 words long, you would benefit straight away from a discount of 0.02 euros/source word).
  • It is valid for 1 year. (It does not matter if you send me later a 100-word translation - you still have the same rate as long as over the past year you have reached the discount threshold).
  • You can extend it indefinitely (the discount is calculated over the work you have sent me over a period of one year - if you continue sending me work, your preferred customer rates can be maintained indefinitely).
  • You can get as low as my Minimum Preferred Rate. You can accumulate discounts until you reach my Minimum Preferred Rate (MPR) - I do NOT work for less than these amounts. Note, however, that the MPR is different for the different languages - this means that you may have reached the maximum discount for a specific language pair, yet still be able to get even more discount on another one!

Repetitive Text discount:

This discount is applied in case your text is highly repetitive text (over 20%). This discount is only applicable to those cases where the original is available in electronic format and processable by a CAT tool such as TRADOS or similar. The discount to be applied is 50% on those words that are either a full repetition or 100% match of the Translation Memory. Note that, should you ask me to participate in a collaborative job (with other translators) or use an existing Translation Memory, the word count would be on the basis of what I translate - I cannot commit to the accuracy/quality of what others have been doing... and too often it means additional work in correcting not-so-good work from other translators.

I do NOT offer discounts on "partial matches". All too often these matches require careful review for context and differences, so hardly any improvements in productivity are gained from these. And please, remember it was ME that has made the investment in a CAT tool. YOUR benefit is improved quality and a more consistent document.
For obvious reasons, I do not offer repetitive text discounts on text that cannot be processed by a CAT tool (e.g., PDF, scanned text, etc). 


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