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Freelance translator since 1977


I have only failed one single deadline since 1977, and I do not intend to repeat this. This requires of course that I set realistic expectations to my customers. My translation rate is approximately 4.000-5.000 words/day for a text of medium difficulty. I have reached in exceptional cases 7.000 words/day, but do not expect that to be my usual proficiency! When you send me a job, I will indicate you my deadline as soon as I have assessed how complex the text really is.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: Once I have committed to a deadline, I will provide a 25% discount if I fail to meet it!* Should I deliver unsatisfactory work, I will correct it free of charge and apply also this 25% discount for the trouble I might have caused you.

Also be aware that I do not accept jobs that prevent me from meeting a deadline. I may accept a small job "in-between" if it is compatible with a committed baseline, but I will NOT delay your job for another one that gives me more money. This also works the other way round - I will not "squeeze in" your job if it implies I'll delay somebody else's, not even for a bonus! 

If you are in a rush or have a hard deadline to meet, please indicate me what your required target is. If I can do it within the requested timeframe, I will accept the job, if I cannot do it for whatever reason, I will tell you straight away so you can try somebody else. I prefer happy customers, even if that means that sometimes I will be losing some work - my experience is that they will come back!

I will in principle NOT charge you extra for a rush job or a hard deadline. If I can do it, I will, at no extra cost. However, please be aware that I cannot accept continuously rush jobs - in such cases, I WILL eventually ask for a surcharge. I do not mind doing some extra effort for a customer from time to time, but if it becomes a habit I will also have to charge for this extra effort. I will of course tell you beforehand, so you can decide for yourself whether the "rush" is actually worth the extra money.

* Except in case of force majeure, which will be demonstrated to you.

Specialised in IT and Aerospace topics -