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Freelance translator since 1977


I NEVER disclose any translation work that has been given to me, and I do destroy all copies of such work once I have been paid with US DoD 5220.22-M compliant erasure software. I also destroy the Translation Memories (TM's) of such work, unless specifically instructed not to do so, keeping in mind that I do a lot of confidential and/or classified work. Should you however require a specific non-disclosure agreement, I will be pleased to sign it.

I do not disclose either the names of my clients or my client's customers, not even to make publicity for myself.

It is true that some customers want references before giving away a job - however, I am aware that such references given by many translators are at best questionable. For example, if I translate a manual of company XXX for a translation agency YYY, have I "worked" for XXX? Could they confirm it? And would YYY recognize they subcontracted that work for me? Could I ever prove it, as I am NOT going to disclose their work?

It is for this reason that I do not make any claims about all the clients I may have had, apart from the fact that most of my customers prefer total and absolute confidentiality. I am prepared to lose a job for not giving such information - I am very sure that my other customers prefer my discretion.

Of course, I may be legally bound to disclose these data in court at a certain moment, but unless mandated to do so you can be assured of my total silence. My very best reference is word-of-mouth and the quality of my work.

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