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Freelance translator since 1977


The rates published at this Web site for my technical translation services are my contractual commitment to the rates being offered, that I will honor in all cases.

If, however, for any reason (e.g., participation in a bid) you need a formal technical translation budget proposal, I will be pleased to provide it to you.

Note, however, that I cannot commit to being available to carry out the job in your required timescales in case you win the bid. Should you wish to request explicitly such commitment, I can provide it for a reasonable fee - after all, I may have to reject other translation jobs to stay available for you... 

In some cases, I have been asked for availability during a certain period of time, say, one or two days per week, over a period of several months. This is often the case when periodic translations are expected from a permanent customer. Should you have a similar requirement, please contact me at to address your specific case.


Specialised in IT and Aerospace topics -