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Freelance translator since 1977

Welcome to my professional freelance translator site - this page is an interim solution while I design a more complete -and hopefully customer-friendly- page. For example, I intend to translate it into all the languages I speak (5), and to have my aerospace and IT dictionaries on line, for use by my customers and fellow translators which work in the aerospace and IT fields, but it is not that easy to implement. Please apologize for any inconveniences in the interim.

I translate from English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Flemish into Spanish and English. Though I am also fluent in the other languages (as I will be pleased to demonstrate), for quality reasons I only offer translations into the languages where I am most versed on: English and Spanish. We all know that "fluent" is not the same as "native".

I have always worked as a technical translator, specialised in IT (computer sciences) and aerospace translations. I have a degree in computer sciences and have developed software. I have also worked for 25 years at an aerospace company, so these two fields are certainly not unknown... ;-) Though I can handle most technical work, even if not related to my specialities, there are fields that I cannot and will not handle, such as medicine, chemistry, biology... I simply do not accept translation work in fields where I cannot provide a quality response. is a small business - of exactly one person. It is NOT a translation agency, only a freelancer offering his services as a technical translator. Thus, I cannot commit to a rush translation of several hundred thousand words that would require a complete team. I will be delighted if you trust me with such an important job - but please be aware that it takes time for one single person to process such a volume. Similarly, I will not be always available, as I may be working on another assignment. In the same way that I will not delay your translation for a better deal, please do not ask me to push your job before that of another customer. I will not do that, not even for a bonus.

I have been working as a freelance translator since 1977, so I have seen lots of different translations (not only aerospace and IT) and have worked for a significant number of customers. My professional experience has told me that the very best way of getting and maintaining happy customers is honesty and applying basic professional ethics. This includes not making big promises about myself, specially of the kind I cannot comply with. I will be pleased to work for you - and I hope my work will speak for myself.


You can now find all my contact data at

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Specialised in IT and Aerospace topics -


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